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The Office of Research and Ethics,┬áunder the mandate┬áof the Vice-Rector Academic and Research,┬áoversees research development at the University.┬áIt is responsible for the administration of research programs and scholarships┬áin compliance with the policies, regulations and goals of the University, funding agencies and donors. It also┬ásupports┬áthe ┴¨║¤═╝┐Ô’s research programmes and Ethics Committee. Its responsibilities are as follows:

  • developing┬áresearch policies and establishing priorities for research development and funding;
  • managing the research competitions┬áof the Henry Herbert Glasmacher Fund;
  • informing new professors as to┬áresearch┬áprocedures and┬áfunding;
  • supporting the development of research centres, chairs and institute;
  • promoting research;
  • monitoring the financial reporting of grants and scholarships;
  • submitting the┬áannual research report.