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Do you wish to take a course or two but not commit to a program? Why not enrol as a non-degree student?

A┬ánon-degree┬ástudent is a person who is allowed by the University to register for undergraduate or graduate courses to obtain university units (credits), but who is not seeking a degree from ┴¨║¤═╝┐Ô; without being subject to the requirements of a particular program.

As a non-degree student you must follow the same regulations as regular students, such as attendance, assignments, exams, passing grade and deadlines.

The complete academic regulation and definitions of the different non-degree students categories can be found underand the .

Non-degree Student ÔÇô Undergraduate

Eligibility ÔÇô Undergraduate

To be a special student, you must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Hold an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), with at least six 4U or 4M courses and an overall average of 70%, or the equivalent (this does not apply to the ÔÇťpersonal interestÔÇŁ or category).
  • Qualify as a mature student if you have not been engaged in full-time studies for at least two consecutive years.
Non-degree Student ÔÇô Graduate Studies

Eligibility – Graduate Studies

Special students may enroll in graduate courses provided they have obtained an undergraduate university degree (or equivalent) and the approval of the academic unit.

Enrolment is limited to a maximum of two three-unit courses (or equivalent) per term and the student will be enrolled on a part-time basis.

Note: In the event that special students later apply for admission to a master or doctorate program, they may receive credits for a maximum of two graduate three-credit courses provided they have successfully passed the courses and meet the admission requirements. For graduate diplomas, the maximum is set at one graduate three-unit course.

To have your enrolment evaluated as a special student, you will need to submit an official transcript and a proof of diploma as well as the enrolment form to the Office of the Registrar by email at registrar@ustpaul.ca.

How to prepare for enrolment
  • Find out when to enrol. Consult the┬áuniversity calendar┬áfor the first day to enrol for each term.
  • You can enrol in courses or make modifications to your enrolment until the Last day to enrol and to change course selection date specified in the┬áuniversity calendar.
Prepare a list of courses you would like to take
  • Search the┬ácourse timetable┬áto see when courses are offered.
  • Indicate each course code and section. Each section (A, B, C, etc.) is offered on different days and at different times. Section W means that the course is online.
  • Have a second-choice course ready in case your first choice is no longer available.
How to enrol

Complete the online enrolment form for special student and send it by email to registrar@ustpaul.ca.

For courses at the graduate studies, you will need to include your official transcript or proof of an undergraduate university degree.

The Registrar’s Office will contact you upon receipt of your enrolment form, so be sure to check all four boxes at the end of the form before clicking “Send” or your form will not reach us. Notice to gmail address holders, be sure to check your junk mailbox regularly, as due to your server’s firewalls our email response to your enrolment request may end up there.

Other information
  • Activate your computer accounts, your @uottawa.ca email and access the Intranet. An email will be sent to you to this effect if it is your first enrolment. All future communications will be sent to your @uottawa.ca email account.
  • ░ń┤ă▓ď▓§│▄▒˘│┘╠řFinancial Services┬áfor information on tuition fees and payment methods.

Note: special students are not eligible for provincial financial aid government programs.

  • To access the ┴¨║¤═╝┐Ô ┴¨║¤═╝┐Ô you must have your student ID, which is┬áavailable by appointment at the Registrar’s Office in Guigues Hall, room G165. A government issued photo ID will be required.
  • Get acquainted with the academic regulations. You will have to comply with the same academic and faculty regulations as regular students.

To remove a course registered as a special student, you must complete a new online form, and enter the course to be cancelled in the section designated for that purpose.


Curious or passionate about a subject and want to know more about it by attending courses without handing-in assignments or writing exams? It is possible if you enrol as an auditor.


  • If you have been expelled by the University, you cannot enrol as a┬ánon-degree┬ástudent.
  • Some faculties or schools may have specific restrictions that apply to┬ánon-degree┬ástudents.